Male Art Form { 20 images } Created 26 Apr 2017

Abstract Art of the Male Form

Stephen Moody's 2003 Scottsdale Arizona gallery exhibition "Art In Its Most Human Form"™ was highly touted as being one of the gallery's most successful openings. His work is enjoyed in private collections, artist prints and Italian designed ties and scarves.

Stephen Moody's exploration of the male form through abstract art is driven by the desire to capture the beauty of a simple curve, a sensuous line, a dramatic color to heighten the senses; to appreciate the body as something perfect, pure and incredibly beautiful, as a work of art.

It is my wish to delight people with my visions beyond what is considered to be real, because reality is continually changing before our eyes,” says Moody, “Everyone sees something different in my work - a reflection of how they see and interpret the world around them.”

Moody's work is innovative. His images capture light in creative forms leaving the viewer captivated. Moody has explored light and color through many different mediums; photography, paint, motion pictures, technology and fabric & fashion. He imagines his subjects, not as moments frozen in time, but as animated movements in life, and orchestrates movement, color and vibration together in one fluid image.
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