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Stephen Moody's Fine Art Portraits are timeless works of art that will adorn the walls of your home and be passed down as family heirlooms.

"I approach every portrait commission with the desire to create a work of art that will coordinate with your decor and bring you years of enjoyment and memories", says Mr. Moody. "Many interior designers have me create original artwork for their interiors."

Mr. Moody starts the process with a consultation. This allows the artist to see the space where the portrait art will hang in the room. "I want to create a mood in the portrait to match the interior space", says Mr. Moody. "Once we have narrowed down the ideas I'll book a photo shoot with my clients. This is probably one of the most important elements of the art process as I use the skills I have learned as a professional photographer to create amazing lighting, composition and posing.....all of which is equally important."

Mr. Moody will edit the photographic images and project them on your wall and help you to choose the proper image for display.
Utilizing his computer, pigment ink and acrylics, Mr. Moody has developed his unique and exceptional style of painted portraits. He has taken portraiture to a pinnacle that has never been reached by any free-hand painter using oils. With his camera, computer, palette, brushes, canvas and unerring flair for light, Mr Moody's work brings fine art portraiture to every family and institution who seek to capture the present for future generations to come. He accomplishes the impossible, creating an "exact likeness" of loved ones.
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